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Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies

Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies is a trademarked program of AllenForce implemented by licensed fitness centers throughout the country that is offered free of charge to qualified veterans. Each facility and fitness professional complete specific training on veteran culture, PTSD, MST, injuries and illness specific to veterans and adaptive equipment. This program provides veterans:

  • Two, one year memberships (veteran and chosen “PT PARTNER”)-promotes healthy fitness habits and is a positive outlet for stress relief.
  • Up to 15 personal training sessions with a qualified Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies professional.
  • Monthly networking opportunities-provide mentoring, peer support, connecting with other veteran organizations, adapted sport experiences.

Often veterans have unique physical, environmental, and social needs after time in service. HMHB facilities accommodate these unique needs by creating a “veteran friendly” atmosphere. They re-create an environment promoting healthy living, fitness and camaraderie with a community based platform. A veteran’s assigned personal trainer simulates a “battle buddy” in the gym and this adds to the support structure of monthly networking events that enable positive community involvement. The need for veteran friendly facilities is important as the number of veterans grows in our country. Seeing a family member struggle with life after the military led to a vision by a passionate man. This vision turned into the HMHB program with the help of two supportive agencies opening their doors to veterans all around the Chicago area and was implemented by a driven woman wanting to give back.

Featured Event

Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies: Serving Injured Veterans Workshop Announcement Image

Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies:
Serving Injured Veterans Workshop

This workshop is designed to give professionals working with injured veterans up to date information regarding veteran topics, including veteran culture, general injury (physical and psychological) and disability awareness, barriers (and solutions) in a fitness facility environment and adapted exercise programming for these individuals.

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Go here to register for the Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies Workshop.

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AllenForce is a not-for-profit organization that serves all veterans from all eras. We understand the needs and the challenges veterans face with their families in a continuous adjustment process after serving our nation.


SheForce is a program designed to empower women directly impacted by the military with the confidence to reconnect and honor their femininity. It addresses their unique needs with a holistic approach to life.

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A program that provides a statewide network of all-terrain chairs available for use by qualified veterans enabling independent participation in outdoor and adventure recreation.


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